The Renoko G-Clip is manufactured from a 12 mm Ø round bar and is designed for easy installation to most roof anchor bolt bearing plates.

The Renoko G-Clip is used to create an anchor point for the safety netting, which is installed between the roof bolt supports to prevent possible injury from falls of ground in underground environments.

The G-Clip is manufactured “in-house” and each individual G-clip is demarcated and identifiable to guarantee full tractability on material batches and material conformity.

If required, a conformity certificate can be issued on delivery.


The Renoko Spinning Adapters are used in the installation of chemical anchor bolts in underground areas.

The Renoko Spinning Adapters have a 32 mm female hexagon on one end and are suited for either the 22 or 16 mm hex drilling machines.

The Spinning Adapters are manufactured from EN 19 solid round bar and are Heat Treated & Case Hardened to a minimum of 40 Rockwell, to provide maximum wear resistance.

Two standard lengths are available, either 240 mm long or 380 mm long.

Spinning Adapters Renoko Mining & Engineering


The process of collaring drill steel in underground drilling operations has always been an area of concern, as frequent accidents & incidents occur.

Renoko’s Collaring DevicesThe Siza Sandhla” was designed as a simpler alternative to what workers are currently using.

The Renoko Collaring Devices is simple in Design & Construction, but offers a robust solution that is not only cost effective, but also a safer way of lining up the drill steel before the hand held drilling operation commences.


Renoko’s Rock Drill Retainer Clips are ideally suited for the Hydro Power Drilling Machines. They ensure that the drill steel is retracted with the drilling machine, once the drilling operation is completed and the drill is removed from the hole.

The Renoko Rock Drill Retainer Clips are manufactured from spring steel and are cold bent to form the required shape


The Renoko Retainer Clip Pins are used to hold the drill steel retainer clips in place on the drilling machine, while the drilling operation takes place.

The Renoko Retainer Clip Pins are manufactured “in-house” from EN 8 mild steel and incorporate a rubber covered handle for safe removal from the drill machine.



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