Renoko has over the years been supplying customers with Nuts & Bolts and we have formed alliances with particular bolt manufacturers, This allows us to offer very competitive prices in all ranges of Nuts & Bolts from 10 mm up to 33 mm in all grades, from 4,6 to 12,9 tensile strength.

Renoko also has the capability to manufacture specialised Studs, Bolts & Nuts to suit our client’s requirements.


The Spiral Guards that Renoko supplies, are primarily used as a hydraulic / pneumatic hose protection device against abrasion or chaffing caused by in-line impulse rubbing.

Renoko has, however, more recently been using them as Service Identification sleeves on all types of underground equipment & machines. This is to indicate when these types of machines should be removed from the mine for general maintenance and monthly servicing.

The spiral guards are generally made from HDPE, but due to the fact that they come in an array of different colours, sizes & materials, make them ideally suited to the applications we use them in. 


Renoko has recently added a machining shop to our production capabilities, including CNC lathes and a CNC machining centre.

Our machining shop allows us to manufacture, in-house, our own range of Fittings & Connectors such as staple lock (stecko) type fittings, as well as the standard BSP or JIC adapters.

Renoko also has the capability of manufacturing a range standard type flanges as well as the GFSA or U-Cone type connectors, all under the same roof.


The Renoko “Bio-degradable” De-Greasing Fluid is an environmentally friendly, water based, all purpose cleaning agent that contains no solvents, acids or ammonia, It can be used in all medium to light duty cleaning applications.

It is an SABS approved product that has a bio–degradable property which can be washed straight into the drains without causing any damage to the Eco-environment.

De-Greasing Fluid Renoko Mining & Engineering



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