The Watering Down Car was Designed & Manufactured by Renoko Mining & Engineering for the purpose of controlling dust in the underground haulage ways.

It is pulled behind a locomotive and sprays water on the side walls as well as the foot wall, in order to suppress the dust build up.

The general watering down car construction consists of a 1000 litre tank and a pumping system which is enclosed in a robust channel iron frame.

The car runs on standard cannon box wheels to suit any type of rail gauge, and has a generic type buffer system for tramming.

There are various types of Watering Down Cars that Renoko Mining and Engineering has manufactured and designed, namely:


The Renoko Diesel Driven Watering Down Car runs off a 4 Stroke, air cooled Diesel Engine which is coupled to a centrifugal water pump, to produce 100 litres / min at a pressure of 7 bar.


The Diesel Engine is started by means of a manual re-coil system while the water sprayers are controlled through a manifold via a simple ball valve process.


Once the car is operational, you have the option of using the Side sprayers, located on either side of the car, or the bottom sprayers, located on the front of the dust car, either individually or simultaneously.


The Renoko Type Electrical Driven Watering Down Car runs off two 12 volt water pumps that are connected to the battery operated locomotive through a control box situated on the front of the car.

The pumps offer a flow rate of 25 liters / minute at a pressure of 4 bar and can be used individually or simultaneously. The control box consists of a two toggle switches which control the side sprayers or the bottom spray system.

The watering down car is connected to the battery locomotive by a 4 m - 6 m electrical extension cable that runs from the car to the loco via Fischer plugs.


The Trackless Type Watering Down Car utilitises the same principle as the Diesel or Electrical Watering down car, except that it is mounted on a Cassette Carrier, normally used in trackless mining conditions.

The power needed to operate the spray system is generated from the diesel hydraulic pump which is found on all types of trackless mining machinery. This in turn drives a water pump to create a spray pattern adequate enough to water down the areas required.

It is a simple type system that has the desired watering down and dust control effect on the side walls and foot walls of incline and decline entrances to underground working areas.


In a general application, the Renoko Type Atomizer is primarily used in an underground area where localised cooling & dust suppression is needed.

The Atomizer is a small unit which is securely attached to a pack or an in-stope support structure, close to the area where people are working, to allow the cooling or dust suppression process to take effect.

The design incorporates a mist spray nozzle, housed in a steel casing, which is fed water from a manifold. The water is directed through the spray nozzle to produce a mist type spray effect which, in turn, not only cools the area down but also acts as a dust suppression device. 

Renoko has designed two different types of Atomizers, one for a high pressure water system (200 bar, hydro power) and one for a low pressure type water system (4 to 7 bar).


The Renoko Type Spray System is positioned on spray bars, which span across the haulage, before and after the tipping area.

The Spray Bars hang from the haulage roof and utilize the normal service water pressure and specific type spray nozzles to cause a fogging curtain before and after the tip. This will control the dust which is created when tipping the rock into the ore pass.

It is a simply designed system that is easily self-installed, and can be manually or automatically triggered, dependent on the client’s needs.



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